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In this series we will help you find the roots to the harmful behaviours in your life and lead you through steps that thousands have taken before, into healing and restoration to you and your family.

Whether you are struggling with sexual addictions such as porn addiction, sex addiction, prostitution, cheating on your spouse and the side affects of those, we are here to help you be set free.

Cover Image of the Brokenhearted Podcast


In this series we will help you find support as you go through the aftermath of discovering your partners addictive or out of control behaviour.


If you are in partner or a family member of somebody who has been a heartbreaker by making harmful decisions perhaps by being addicted to sex or porn then this is for you.



Recognising denial - article cover image

Recognizing Denial

In this article Andrew goes through some of the thinking come to people involved in faith-based communities. He shows how we often don’t get the support that we need in our lives because of the way we think. Some times we can hide behind our “spirituality” or our “intellect”. He gently leads the reader to face real behaviours and the consequences in our lives.


Essential reading if you are wondering whether recovery is for you.

Cover Image of Living With Integrity Article

Living With Integrity

In this article Andrew tells from his own experience how to live a life of integrity. Integrity is about not being perfect. It is essentially two things: Firstly it is about being honest with oneself and with trustworthy people and secondly is about being responsible for the harm we have caused others.

The road to integrity is a long and difficult one. I invite you join where many have walked before.

Cover Image of Healing & Recovery Article

Healing & Recovery

In this article Andrew points to research that shows what we need to do increase our chances of success along the path towards healing and recovery. There are nine ingredients that have been proven to create a good recovery and have since become recipe that leads to healing for many thousands.  


It is good to get an overall picture of the healing process. That way we can chart our progress. 

Cover Image of A Christian View On Weakness Article

A Christian View on Weakness

In this article Andrew looks at the very human aspect of weakness. Something we all experience. He points out that if our weakness is properly understood it can in fact be viewed as our strength. He builds on this paradox by looking at Biblical and historical examples.


Transforming weakness into to strength is both possible and desirable.  

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