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Distorting the Dedicated

Most religious communities are not properly equipped to address clergy sexual misconduct.

What is the purpose?

Some wrongdoing may be in the form of sexual acting out or addiction, and other misconduct may involve leadership sexual abuse. The later transgression is especially damaging when sexual victimisation of members occurs at the hands of church leadership (i.e., missionaries, priests, pastors, elders, deacons, or prominent teachers). In either case, the perpetrators are trusted spiritual leaders, which makes the betrayal even more deleterious, as those committing misconduct may be conflated with God. Leadership sexual misconduct, therefore, causes a spiritual crisis as well as a clinical and managerial one. 


This webinar presents background statistics, provides case examples of clergy sexual misconduct, and discusses ways in which therapists and Pastors can be involved in efforts of prevention, intervention, response, and ultimately healing.

This material is also presented in a series of talks on location at churches and spiritual communities by order


Individual consultations available.


  • assistance to differentiate two categories of clergy sexual misconduct and the associated risk factors and warning signs.

  • assessment of the impact of leadership sexual misconduct on the victims and the church.

  • protocols for the church’s response to leadership sexual misconduct, including disclosure to the church leadership and congregation.

  • an effective recovery plan for the leadership person, partner and family, other primary victims, and the church.

How to apply?

This webinair is comprised of 3 sessions each lasting 1,5 hrs. These sessions aim to prepare participants to actively manage the situation when a spiritual leader is found to have acted inappropriately within a church or spiritual community. The webinair will be organised when there are the required number of participants. 

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